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We specialize in the re-upholstery of existing pieces of furniture, whether it’s chair re-upholstery, sofa re-upholstery, a peice of furniture you have that is simply in need of a makeover or repair, or genuinely vintage or antique. Our special attention to the restoration of treasured furniture has earned us the trust of thousands of repeat customers.


The Re-Upholstery Process


As soon as a chair, sofa, bench or ottoman arrives, we carefully remove all of its components: fabric, cotton, foam, batting and occasionally straw and horse hair. This first step can require several hours to allow our craftsmen to thoroughly inspect the piece. Once the joints, screws, springs or coils are examined, we begin the process of adding the appropriate support and inner parts such as cotton, batting, webbing and foam. Proper cleaning and prepping are essential to ensure the best results.


Next, our expert staff hand-cuts pieces of the selected fabric and apply each one, starting with the seat, moving to the back and arms and finally closing up the exterior portion. Measurements are taken to cut and sew the seat and back cushions. Once the cushion covers are sewn, they are stuffed with the desired filler, ranging from down to poly foam, soft to hard.


Our professionalism and craftsmanship, together with the use of the best available components, result in our clients’ ability to enjoy the comfort and beauty of their heirloom furniture for years to come.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are considering having a chair re-upholstered, sofa re-upholstered or another piece of furniture.