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If you are looking for a change without having to upholster your piece of furniture, then consider a slipcover…

Artistic Upholstery W012AA one-of-a-kind slipcover is when our craftsmen meticulously cuts and sews your selected fabric in a manner such that it appears to be upholstered, but in reality is not.

It is very similar to how a tailor cuts and sews fabric to create a suite for an individual. The appearance of slipcover can vary as well.

In most cases, a slipcover can have a very tailored look. By saying this, the slipcover itself will be contoured to every straight edge, right angle, and curve.

In the same respects, the slipcover can have a relaxed look to it often referred to as “Shabby Chic” where the slipcover is appearing to look over sized and droopy. By deciding to create a slipcover, you will have the flexibility and ease to remove the slipcover from the piece of furniture and have the ability dry-clean or wash if applicable depending on fabric selection.