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You’ve come to the right place to completely restore your valued furniture!

Artistic Upholstery W211Here at Artistic Upholstery our people take pride in their craft.

So from the start when your piece arrives, it has all its fabrics, cotton, foam, batting, and some occasions straw and horse hair completely removed. This step can sometimes take up to several pain agonizing hours to ensure and allow our craftsmen to thoroughly inspect your piece of furniture.

Once the joints, screws, springs, or coils are examined, then our craftsmen begins the process of restoring your piece of furniture by adding the proper and appropriate support and inner goods such as cotton, batting, and foam.

Just like in painting, the attention in detail of cleaning and prepping is essential in achieving a great outcome.

Now, it’s time to actually start seeing some of the exterior changes of your piece of furniture when our craftsmen starts to cut pieces of your selected fabric be applied and upholstered to your piece.

Our craftsmen starts from the seating area, inside of the back, arms, and finally closing up the exterior portion of your piece. At this point, our craftsmen can take measurements to cut and sew the seat and back cushions if applicable. Once the cushion covers are sewn, then they can stuffed with your desired cushion filler.

Because of our craftsmen thoroughness, you will be able to enjoy years of coziness.