A Family Tradition

As a young boy I watched my dad in his workshop fixing and covering chairs and sofas with the same care he put into mending my toys. I never understood this was what he did for a living. I simply thought it what he enjoyed doing for us – his family. Artistic Upholstery continues that tradition of quality workmanship to this day. We put the same love and quality workmanship into every piece of furniture we work on for our customers. We treat our customers like family.

Artistic Upholstery is one of the few remaining family-owned American furniture manufacturers with its original ownership. Two generations of Aguirre men have led the company. I, Victor Aguirre, took over in 2010. In fact we still make “house calls.”

Quality and Service

Our free consultation services provide our customers with fair and objective assessment of the practicality of keeping older pieces and exacting estimates on how much and how long a restoring will be. While material choices may vary, the quality of our hand crafted restorations or sensitivity to your family’s heirloom has earned us the trust of several generations of repeat customers.

Objective and Informed Expertise

If you are ever curious about the market value of a family treasure or if it makes sense to restore a piece, Artistic Upholstery will gladly guide you with expert advice and or refer to you one of our many highly specialized affiliates. Our company has a reputation of restoring and refining some of the most complex projects, which at first glance, might seem to be impossible or unaffordable to do. And, we do all of this while respecting the method of craftsmanship for the period in which a piece was fabricated. This simply means, it will be very difficult for the untrained eye to know whether or not this was an original piece!


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